Fran Drescher rose to fame playing a Nanny, but in real life, she feels like she missed out on having kids herself.

The 62-year-old tells The Cut: “I think I would have been a good mom and sometimes I think I kind of missed out on that.” Drescher opted to get a hysterectomy after being diagnosed with uterine cancer in 2000.

The sitcom star also shares her genuine appreciation for her fame: “I have the good fortune of being recognizable. For people to roll out the red carpet for me wherever I go in the world, it’s such heaven. Sometimes people say, ‘I don’t like Paris. They’re not nice to me.’ And it’s like, ‘Really? I’m like Jerry Lewis there.’ ”

Drescher also accepts who she is with refreshing vigor: “I was never going to have Meryl Streep‘s career. I was going to have Fran Drescher’s career, and that’s what I did.”

On her iconic role in The Nanny, Drescher says: “It was being too much, being loud, being different. It was a lot of things that I hadn’t seen before.”