Fran Drescher is feeling the weight of the joint WGA and SAG-AFTRA strike. The Nanny actress took to Instagram on Sunday (September 3rd) to express regret over losing her temper with another member of SAG-AFTRA.

Due to a “convergence of family aggravation, personal health issues, board member abuse, staff bureaucracy and a release of tears to Duncan [Crabtree-Ireland] from feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders,” Drescher said she “yelled at an unsuspecting member” who was “simply sharing her grievances.”

The Beautician and the Beast actress added, “I had a meltdown and a complete and offensive, over reaction. I, of course apologized but continue to beat myself up over it … Do not demand perfection from yourself because you are setting yourself up for failure if you do. You may lose it (like I did)and you may offend those undeserving of your wrath when you’ve reached the end of your rope.”