Meghan Markle was handed a big defeat in her privacy lawsuit against the Mail on Sunday, and legal experts say she may have to ask five A-listers to testify on her behalf, Newsweek reports.

They say that her main battle over where the Mail breached her privacy by publishing a private letter she sent to her estranged father Thomas Markle is still up for grabs. The argument will rest, some say, on whether Thomas can prove his daughter’s famous friends unfairly attacked him when defending her following the letter’s publication. (Five unnamed sources told People magazine that she “will always feel genuinely devastated by what he's Markle Sr.'s done.”)

To do that, Mark Stephens, a lawyer who has worked with Princess Diana and Julian Assange, said: “If they aren't called by Meghan then I think there will be an adverse inference about why they haven't come forward. She will have to give evidence so she will have to explain what happened on their behalf. Either way, it's not pretty.”


Meanwhile, Meghan’s good friend Jennifer Garner has gone on the record defending her author Emily Griffin‘s criticism of Meghan’s video with her son Archie went viral. The Something Borrowed author accused Meghan of being “fake” and “unmaternal.”

Jennifer reposted the video of Meghan reading the book Duck! Rabbit! to Archie, writing: “Dear Meghan and Harry, thank you for sharing your gorgeous son with the world and allowing us to join you in celebrating his first birthday. More than anything — watching you lovingly talk through the pictures while your clever Archie turns the pages — lifts all of us up and reminds us that what may seem like a duck just might turn out to be a rabbit. Thank you for this joyful and meaningful shift in perspective.”

Later, Emily walked back the comments, saying she was “truly sorry for that negative impact” of her posts.