GEORGE CLOONEY SAYS HE WAS ‘OBJECTIFIED’ EARLY IN HIS CAREER: In an interview with The Washington Post published Friday (December 2nd), George Clooney opened up about wanting to move away from being a “sex symbol” when he was younger. Speaking about his roles on Facts of Life and Sisters, he said, “Quite honestly, I was objectified.” Clooney continued, “I remember doing scenes on Roseanne and I’d drop a clipboard and bend over, and they’d all slap me on the ass.” He added, “You had to establish yourself as more than that. … Good Night, and Good Luck. did that for me, in every sense of the word.”

THEO JAMES CONFIRMS HE WORE A PROSTHETIC DURING ‘WHITE LOTUS’ NUDE SCENE: Theo James is confirming the speculation that he wore a prosthetic penis during the second season premiere of The White Lotus. James told Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show recently, “The truth of it was, you go into these scenes and you have a conversation with the director and the producers and they go, ‘Okay, for this, we’re going to use a prosthetic.’ And you say, ‘Okay, that sounds good.'” The Divergent actor added that the prosthetic was “ginormous.”

ADAM SANDLER STILL GETS ‘SO EMOTIONAL’ WHEN HE SINGS THE ‘CHRIS FARLEY SONG:’ Adam Sandler is still grieving his good friend, Chris Farley, who died more than 20 years ago. On a recent episode of the Happy Sad Confused podcast, the Big Daddy actor shared that he still gets “so emotional” when he performs the song he wrote for Farley after he died. “The first few times, we played that song, I would tear up and I couldn’t really sing it well because I’d get so emotional and then I felt it and was able to get it out there,” he said. “It’s weird, but when that song starts, I go, ‘Oh f–k, alright, don’t cry and don’t do that’ still. I’ve sang it maybe a hundred times already, but it rocks me.”

CHRISTOPHER MELONI RESPONDS TO FAN’S WEDDING INVITATION: Christopher Meloni is having fun with a fan who invited him to her Law & Order-themed wedding via Twitter. “Chris please come to my wedding,” Kelly Heenan wrote on Friday (December 2nd), including a photo of the wedding invitation. On Saturday (December 3rd), Meloni replied, “And do what?” According to Today, many people chimed in with suggestions like “Arrest her, I imagine,” and “Solve a murder.” Heenan responded, “I accidentally blew the budget on disco balls and peacock feathers, so do you have a camera? Or a makeup kit? Box cake mix?”

BEVIN PRINCE SPEAKS PUBLICLY ABOUT HER HUSBAND’S DEATH FOR THE FIRST TIME: One Tree Hill actress Bevin Prince spoke about her husband, William Friend, being fatally struck by lightning earlier this year on Friday’s (December 2nd) episode of the 1on1 With Jon Evans podcast, calling the incident “an absolute living nightmare.” Describing the moment on her father’s boat when Friend was struck, she said, “The storm was far away, we’re on the boat, everything’s fine. And then in an instant, everything has changed. There’s no normal, and there’s no playbook for it.” She added that right before he was hit, her husband lit a cigar, looked at her father and said, “Mike, well if we get struck by lightning, this is a good place to be.”