Georgina Chapman moved to divorce convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein days after reports of his misconduct surfaced in October of 2017. Now that the 67-year-old has been convicted of rape and assault, insiders tell People how Chapman feels about her ex, and the father of her two children.

A source tells People that “to say that Harvey disgusts her is an understatement.”

Shortly after news of his conviction dropped, reports of Chapman, 43, dating Adrien Brody emerged, which may have been a calculated move, some say.

“It diverts her attention from the pain and embarrassment of her situation and subsequent split,” a film industry source says.


Chapman has custody of their two children, ages 6 and 9, but she is concerned about how his conviction will affect “their lives now and later.” The source claims: “She didn’t know about this side of him, and of course it has devastated her. She worries about the children.”


Weinstein himself, meanwhile, is beefing up his considerable legal staff. During his monthlong trial, he had four layers, a jury selection expert, a crisis manager and a spokesperson. He even had someone oversee his ankle monitor to make sure it was functioning correctly. Now, the New York Times reports that he has recruited a “prison consultant” named Craig Rothfeld. His firm, Inside Outside Ltd., was launched to help new inmates understand “the journey” toward life behind bars.

Since being sentenced, Weinstein has been in the prison ward at Bellevue Hospital Center. Right now, Rothfeld is working with Weinstein’s lawyers to ensure he has access to medical care after being sentenced on March 11.

City officials have declined requests for details on why Weinstein is being housed in a hospital, instead of prison.