Gwyneth Paltrow Gooped. The lifestyle maven seemed to forget the world was wrapped up in an economy and life-threatening pandemic when she blithely hawked pricey designer gear on Instagram, critics complained.

She captioned a shot of herself (now deleted) in a white shirt, khaki skirt and sneakers: “Most days you’ll find GP wearing G.Label with a pair of sneakers—which is one reason we make it an annual tradition to put together a fresh sneaker guide each year. Get ready to cover some serious ground (run, don’t walk).”

Her followers weren’t having it. One wrote: “I think it’s irresponsible to post this as a world-wide pandemic is going on. You have a great platform around health. Now would be the time to expand on it.”

Another said, “Come on goop, when you said GP, I thought at first you were referring to Dr. Please use your platform in a more sensitive way … I really don’t think it’s the time to think about buying trainers when people are struggling to buy day to day supplies. We don’t want doom and gloom, but maybe a post on boosting your immune system, staying healthy etc…”

Paltrow’s outfit included a $450 silk trouser skirt and $425 pair of sneakers.

In addition to calling her out for her common sense, many questioned her sartorial choices: “We’re in the middle of a world-wide pandemic, y’all really think anyone’s gonna buy an ugly a–s $450 skirt?”