Gwyneth Paltrow has plans for the future. According to an interview with Bustle published on Wednesday (October 18th), they include retiring “in a few more years” and vanishing into thin air.

“I will literally disappear from public life,” the Shakespeare in Love actress said. “No one will ever see me again.”

During the interview, Paltrow also opened up about her divorce from Chris Martin. Sharing that she “was very burdened by this idea that [she] can’t get divorced,” the Avengers actress said she was worried about what it would mean for their two children.

“It weighed very, very heavily on me,” Paltrow added. “My kids are great. They’re grounded and grateful and funny. But [Chris Martin] and I both really did not want to have them experience the divorce as a trauma. We knew that it would be hard, of course, but we didn’t want them to ever feel in the middle, or that one of us was slagging off the other one.”