Hannah Brown has opted out of the love triangle between herself, Bachelorette runner-up Tyler Cameron and supermodel Gigi Hadid. As you probably recall, Brown asked Cameron out for a drink shortly after dumping her fiancé Jud Wyatt on national TV for sketchy behavior with his ex. 

He accepted, was photographed leaving her apartment the morning after, then spotted out with Hadid on multiple dates shortly thereafter. Cue Brown sharing on Instagram that she was “struggling” dealing with multiple breakups in the spotlight. 

On Extra, a reporter asked her what the deal was. 

Brown replied: [“Uh,  think he’s been so busy. I’ve been so busy. I’m focusing on what’s next for me and trying to get my bearings around this new city that I’m living in. I wish him well. And I know that he does the same for me.”] SOUNDCUE (:15 OC: . . same for me.)

Asked about how fame has changed things for her, she said: “Oh, my life is completely changed. And with that comes struggle. I’ve had so many blessings too, but I’m a real human, and humans have real emotions and lots of different emotions. And still, people enjoy my journey. I enjoyed my journey, because I was real and true, and was honest. And I just want to continue to be that.”