Harvey Weinstein has been spotted relaxing on a leather chair in front of a TV in Bellevue Hospital. The convicted rapist is supposed to in prison awaiting his sentencing for up to 29 years behind bars on March 11th, but was sent to Bellevue Hospital the day of his conviction (Monday) complaining of chest pains.

In the two images taken by PIX11, his wheelchair is stationed nearby and cell bars are visible as well. The 67-year-old appears to be watching TV.

A source tells PIX11: “He is walking with the aid of a wheelchair. He is holding on to its handles to go to the TV room, using it as a walker, where he spent about an hour this morning and then walked himself back.”

His spokesman said: “He doesn’t understand how the jury didn’t understand that he’s not guilty of these crimes. He’s emotionally down. He’s mentally down. He’s in prison.”