Convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein tested positive for coronavirus in prison, just days after being transferred to the Wende Correctional Facility from NYC’s Rikers Island.

He is now in medical isolation, an Empire State law enforcement official tells Deadline.

“Our team …has not heard anything like that yet,” said Weinstein PR chief Juda Engelmayer on Sunday. “I can’t tell you what I don’t know,” the producer’s personal rep added.

Weinstein, who just turned 68, is one of two prisoners at the maximum security facility put into isolation after testing positive. There are a total of 961 prisoners at Wende. He is serving 23 years behind bars after being found guilty of two sex crimes.

As coronavirus spreads, New York has been the worst hit state in the country, with 15,000+ confirmed cases. More than 43,000 prisoners in the state’s system are seen as high risk. More than 40 inmates at Rikers have also tested positive, and Weinstein spent time there before being transferred to Wende.