After a short stint at Rikers, convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein is headed for the Downstate Correctional Facility in Fishkill, New York, his prison consultant Craig Rothfeld confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter on Wednesday.

The Downstate Facility is a reception/classification center for the prison system. While there, it will be determined which long-term correctional facility "meets his or her security, medical, mental health and other needs," according to the general guidelines for prisoners. 

Among the considerations: whether the crime was violent, a prior history, the length of sentence, prior employment and behavior. Generally, prisoners who face 6+ years get maximum security prisons; Weinstein faces 23. While being housed at the center, Weinstein will get a shower, delousing treatment, shave and haircut; he will be shown an orientation video, a suicide prevention vidoe and a "gender-specific version of the film Ending Sexual Abuse Behind The Walls: An Orientation."

His consultant told THR that "A normal stay is four weeks. He'll have two weeks of intake and processing right now."


Meanwhile, Weinstein is being hit with lawsuit filed by an unnamed woman who said he forced her into sex, TMZ reports. The suit was filed in L.A., and the plaintive is joining several others who say Weinstein traded sex for promised roles. 

She claims that he threatened to blacklist her if she didn’t comply and demanded that she call him “King.”