March 31st marked the final day of Women’s History Month and Transgender Day of Visibility. In observation of the occasion, GLAAD released an open letter signed by more than 190 leaders in advocacy, business, entertainment, media, politics, and social justice standing in solidarity with transgender women and girls.

The letter is a response to the hate and discrimination directed against trans people, and is a statement of solidarity between cisgender women, trans women, and feminist allies.

“We all must fight against the unnecessary and unethical barriers placed on trans women and girls by lawmakers and those who co-opt the feminist label in the name of division and hatred,” reads the letter. “Our feminism must be unapologetically expansive so that we can leave the door open for future generations.”

It continues: “It is time for the long history of assaults (legislative, physical, social, and verbal) against trans women and girls to end. For far too long, lawmakers have worked to strip trans women of their civil liberties—in 2021, once again, we’ve seen a wave of bigoted governmental policies and legislation. Many of these laws target the rights of girls to play school sports or criminalize doctors for treating trans youth and their families. The women’s movement has seen doctors targeted before for providing us with necessary medical care and services, and we refuse to let youth endure that now.”

Among the signatories: Gloria Steinem, Regina King, Selena Gomez, Chelsea Clinton, Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union, Janelle Monáe, Patricia Arquette, Laverne Cox, Cynthia Erivo, Senator Sarah McBride, Lena Waithe, Lilly Singh, Ilana Glazer, America Ferrera, Geena Rocero, Peppermint, Melissa Etheridge, Tatiana Maslany, Alana Mayo, Sarah Kate Ellis among many others.