Now that Harvey Weinstein‘s conviction on rape charges has been delivered, other issues surrounding the complicated case are emerging. While he is facing up to 25 years behind bars for his New York conviction, the 67-year-old is still facing sexual assault and rape charges in California, which could result in 28 years behind bars.

Legal experts speculate that the mounting legal costs could affect his ex-wife Georgina Chapman, and their two young daughters. And even if Chapman, who has reportedly moved on with Adrien Brody, never wants to see him again, chances are, she’ll have to deal with him for the sake of the kids. The 43-year-old filed for divorce in 2017, shortly after assault allegations from 80+ women emerged. She reportedly signed a $15 to $20 million settlement and got full custody of their daughters India, 9, and Dashiell, 6.

Peter M. Walzer, a partner at L.A.-based Walzer Mechler tells Fox: “There are a couple of factors here. There's the visitation with the dad and you always have to go to the best interests of the children. So despite the fact that she's reviled the bad man who is going to be in prison, I think the courts will find the children still need to see their father and they love their father. And I think the wife admits it.”

He added that they are likely going to feel the impact for years: “It's really sad for the kids. I mean, everybody knows about it. It's all over the news. All the kids in their school are going to know and they're going to be picked on. It's gonna be hard for them. How is mom going to explain you're going to visit your dad in jail? Every kid knows what jail is. They play Monopoly, get out of jail. What do you say to your kid?”


A member of the 7-man, 5-woman jury who spoke out on the trial and bombshell verdict has been forced into hiding, her sister told Page Six.

The sister said: “She started getting threats on social media and through emails saying that she is a snitch and how could she do that. She is scared.”

She shut down her social media accounts and fled her apartment after giving an interview in which she said she hoped the victims would find closure from the decision.