Hulu is apologizing after promoting a Breonna Taylor documentary after news broke about indictments in her case. On Wednesday, the streamer issued a statement after touting the special as news broke that no police officers would be charged in her fatal shooting. 

The since-deleted post read: "Breonna Taylor's life was changing. Then the police came to her door. #NYTPresents: The Killing of Breonna Taylor traces the missteps of the deadly raid. #FXonHulu."

The statement about their decision to pull the promo read: "Earlier today, we promoted content that we felt would be meaningful in light of today’s events. That was, quite simply, the wrong call. We've taken the posts down and are deeply sorry. Thank you for holding us accountable – we will learn from this."

Meanwhile, celebrities and public figures continued to bemoan the failure to indict on Taylor’s murder. 

Ice T tweeted Thursday, “Did anybody REALLY expect anyone to go to Jail for Breonna Taylor’s MURDER? Black people didn’t.. We’re used to this BS. Smh”.

Hillary Clinton tweeted, “Breonna Taylor's life mattered and justice must be equally applied in America. I agree with @GovAndyBeshear More information should be released. The evidence presented to the Grand Jury should be made public.”

Cyndi Lauper wrote, “Say. Her. Name. #BreonnaTaylor”.

Alicia Keys, Oprah Winfrey, Viola Davis, Kerry Washington and dozens of others also spoke out. 

One office was charged for endangerment for allegedly firing bullets that risked injury to Taylor’s neighbors, the Kentucky Attorney General said Wednesday.