In a sneak peek of USA‘s Straight Up Steve Austin, Ice-T jokes about the surprising way his career has evolved.

He jokes: “Playing a police! How the f–k?! “I went on the show to do four episodes, man. Here it is, we're starting the 22nd season. I can't really explain it man.”

T plays NYPD sergeant Fin on NBC‘s Law & Order: SVU.

He added: “Yeah, it's fun because of the work environment,” the actor replied. “Here's a funny story for you. So when I first got on the show I was with Richard Belzer. And I was there for about three months and they were like, 'Well, Ice, you're not bonding with the group.' Meaning I guess they didn't think I was gonna go out to lunch with them and all that. I was just saying my lines.”

“And I told them I said Chris, Mariska, Belzer, Dan. I said I used to rob banks. I don't need to like you guys. I just need to know you know how to drive, you know how to control the room, you know how to go in the safe, you know how to listen to the radio. Guess what? After we rob some banks, we'll be the best f–king friends in the world. And we've been robbing the bank for 22 years.”