Idris Elba went live on Twitter yesterday (March 17th) to update fans on his condition after revealing that he tested positive for coronavirus. Elba maintained that he doesn't have any symptoms but he is worried because he has an underlying health condition: asthma.

He explained, “Yes, of course I’m worried. I’m worried about having asthma and how that could make things complicated very quickly. I’m very worried about what’s happening in the world, if I’m honest. I’ve very worried about how we’re dealing it. Part of speaking publicly about it part of me coping about how the world is dealing with it.”

He also addressed people questioning why his wife Sabrina was sitting next to him when he broke the news about having the virus, saying, “Generally, Sabrina’s fine. Nervous, of course. Worried. Just for clarification, Sabrina wanted to be by my side. As much as we talked about her not coming to where I am, she did and wanted to. And I love her even more for it and I would do the same for her.”

He continued, “I see a lot of people going, ‘Sabrina, shouldn’t be there. He’s sending out the wrong messages.’ At this time, when something like this is going on in the world, love is all you can get, right? Who am I to turn down my wife’s support as much as I wanted her to keep safe. But we presumed that if I had it, there was a likelihood that she had it too. So we calculated that risk and we decided to be together on it. So hope you guys can understand that. . . . But I love Sabrina for standing by me and being in that video. It was the most important moment for me.”

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