CONSTANCE WU TALKS HUSTLERS: Constance Wu is opening up about Hustlers, based on the real story of Roselyn Keo. She tells Deadline: “I was looking to play a character who was really lonely, because I think loneliness is pervasive in our culture right now. I think it was just an interesting role to play. The way that Destiny manifests her loneliness at first is by saying, ‘I don’t want to need anybody, I want to be independent,’ when really, she does want friends and wants people to love her. So that’s really what drew me to it.” She continued: “Strippers are often prejudged based on their occupations, and what’s cool about this movie is that we explore the human stories behind this preconceived notion of what an occupation is. When you explore somebody’s human story, you understand why they might make the choices they make.” Hustlers opens September 13th.

WILL SMITH & AKIVA GOLDSMAN TEAM UP AGAIN: Paramount Pictures has snagged Brilliance. The adaptation of Marcus Sakey‘s novel will star Will Smith and see Akiva Goldman writing the script. The pair will co-produce with James Lassiter and Shane Selerno. The Brilliance novel trilogy is set in the future, when non-neurotypical people are demonized as threatening the status quo with their gifts.

GREG BERLANTI & SUPERGIRL SHOWRUNNERS SET FAMILY DRAMA AT NBC: Greg Berlanti and Supergirl showrunnners Jessica Queller and Robert Rovner are developing Tribeca for NBC. The series is based on the Korean show SKY Castle, and follows a sophisticated group of families in NYC’s toniest neighborhood as they try to help their kids succeed, no matter what the cost.

SUNNYSIDE PREVIEW: In a few weeks, Sunnyside is debuting on NBC, and a sneak peek dropped Friday. It hails from exec producers Kal Penn and Mike Schur. Penn stars as a disgraced city city councilman “who has totally lost his way 'til these five immigrants from different backgrounds hire him to help them study for their citizenship test,” as he explains in the new preview. Sunnyside premieres Thursday, September 26 on NBC.