GARY OLDMAN TO STAR IN SLOW HORSES: Gary Oldman is joining the A-list rush to Apple+. He is set to topline the spy drama Slow Horses, which is based on Mick Herron‘s spy novel series of the same name. The first book follows the kidnapping of a young man, with the abductors threatening to kill him live online.

RENEE ZELLWEGER TALKS FINDING JUDY GARLAND: Renee Zellweger discussed how she found the essence of Judy Garland for her starring role in the iconic star’s biopic. She said: “There's so much more to a story than what's written. Understanding and looking at what was written about Judy Garland at the time of her passing and the years leading up to it in the last chapter of her life, it seemed so unfair to me.” Finding her happened slowly, over the process of shooting, Zellweger explained. It was a process. It was in constant motion. Just little experiments. We were trying things every day.” She continued, “It didn't feel like making a film, It felt like this celebration of her. Everybody came to set and was motivated by the same affection or adoration for her and it was an expression of that.”

MARTIN SCORSESE ON ART OVER ILLUSIONS: Martin Scorsese was honored at the Kirk Douglas Award ceremony at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and while there, he subtly underlines his love of what he sees as true cinematic art. ICYMI, Scorsese ruffled feathers over his remark that Marvel movies are more theme parks than “true cinema.” But the Oscar-winner isn’t backing down. He said: “I realize that commitment and dedication to the art form are always rare so, you know, when you see it, this incredible commitment and dedication, please don’t take it for granted. Today, it's a new world, of course, and we have to be extra vigilant. Some actually believe that these qualities that I’m talking about can be replaced by algorithms and formulas and business calculations but please remember it’s all an illusion because there’s no substitute for individual or artistic expression as Kirk Douglas knew and as he expressed through his long film career.”

GOING FOR BROKE ROCKING CRACKLE: The Ashton Kutcher-produced Going For Broke has hit five million views in four weeks on Crackle. The unscripted series about personal debt seems to have hit a nerve on the ad-supported streaming platform. More than 44 million Americans are dealing with $1.5 trillion in federal student loan debt, and the show focuses on a handful of L.A. people in debt.