HBO GREENLIGHTS LOVE HAS WON: HBO has greenlit Love Has Won, a new docuseries about Amy Carlson and her followers, in what many say is a cult. Hannah Olson will direct. Followers believed Carlson was a divine 19-billion-year old being who had created the world. Her mummified remains were found April 28th; she was 45 at the time of her death.

NATALIE PORTMAN, JULIANNE MOORE JOIN TODD HAYNES DRAMA: Oscar winners Natalie Portman and Julianne Moore are set to join May December, from Todd Haynes. May December will follow a Hollywood actress (Portman) who travels to Maine to study the woman (Moore) she’s set to play in a film. The woman became the object of scandal for marrying a man 23 years younger than she. 

RYAN REYNOLDS AND BLAKE LIVELY MERGE GEI WITH EVOLVE: Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s Group Effort Initiative merged with L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti’s Evolve Entertainment Fun, creating a new organization with the goal of creating more Hollywood jobs, training and mentorship to under-served communities. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Evolve has partnered with 152 entertainment companies, as well as 28 community and educational organizations, directly facilitating 559 paid internships and 65 full-time jobs with leading companies such as Netflix, WME, and Disney’s ABC Entertainment.

JUDGE JUDY INTENT ON TRIAL: Judge Judy ended her long-running series earlier this year, but her attempts to end a $5 million suit filed against her and CBS over profits of the sale of her show’s library were unsuccessful as of Friday. August Rebel Entertainment Partners has sued the judge a division of ViacomCBS for millions over the $95 million sale of Judge Judy’s library a few years ago. “Richard Lawrence has garnered 22 plus million dollars although I have seen him only once in an elevator since our program began 25 years ago,” Judge Judy told Deadline.” I look forward to a trial.”