JEREMY IRONS JOINS MUNICH: Watchman star Jeremy Irons, 1917’s George McKay and Jannis Niehwöhner are set to star in Netflix‘s Munich, an adaptation of the Robert Harris bestseller of the same name. The thriller is set in the fall of 1938 as Europe prepares for World War II. Irons plays British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, who is seeking a peaceful solution with the help of British civil servant Hugh Legat (McKay) and German diplomat Paul von Hartmann (Niehwöhner). Munich is shooting now with the goal of a 2021 release.

ALVIN RAKOFF TALKS SEAN CONNERY: Alvin Rakoff helped set Sean Connery on a path to stardom with his first leading role in the BBC’s Requiem for a Heavyweight, but he tells The Hollywood Reporter that it was his late first wife Jacqueline Hill who convinced him to do it. He said that the actor who was cast in the role backed out: “Then my wife rang while I was auditioning like crazy and said, what about Sean? I said, it can’t be Sean, he mumbles, he’s never done it before.” Her response: “The ladies would like it.”

JOHN SESSIONS DIES AT 67: John Sessions, the Scottish actor and comedian who rose to fame in Whose Line Is It Anyway? has died at 67. He reportedly died at home in London from a heart condition. Sessions also held roles in The Iron Lady and The Merchant of Venice.

ALEX RIDER SET TO BEGIN SHOOTING: Sony Pictures Television‘s Eleventh Hour Films is gearing up to shoot Alex Rider. The second season has not been confirmed, but Deadline reports that the drama is slated to shoot in England for 22 weeks starting January 25th. Otto Farrant stars as Alex Rider, a British teen who is training as a spy.