MARTIN SCORSESE ON RAGING BULL: For Jay Glennie’s book “Raging Bull: The Making Of," the author talked to surviving members of the cast and crew, including Robert De Niro, Martin Scorsese and Joe Pesci. In an excerpt of the book in The Hollywood Reporter, Scorsese revealed that he wanted to shoot the fight scenes “unlike other fight scenes in movies.” Per the book: “As much as possible, the camera would never film outside the ring. De Niro and LaMotta's ‘vision becomes your sensibility. In other words, what he perceives in the ring,’ reported Scorsese.”

MACGYVER IS CANCELED: CBS is ending MacGyver after it wraps it fifth season on April 30th. "All of us at CBS are extremely grateful for the incredible work and dedication from Lucas and the rest of the cast, as well as [showrunner] Monica [Macer], the writers and the entire crew,” said CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl. "The MacGyver team traveled far and wide to repeatedly save the world with little more than bubble gum and a paper clip and made this show distinctly their own. We’re gratified we get to give this dedicated and loyal fan base the opportunity to say goodbye to their favorite characters in the thoughtful manner this series deserves." This season, CBS also nixed Mom as well as NCIS spinoff NCIS: New Orleans. 

JODIE TURNER-SMITH EXITS NETFLIX’S WITCHER: Jodie Turner-Smith is out at Netflix’s The Witcher: Blood Origin, reportedly over a scheduling conflict. Her character will be recast. 

WALTER OLKEWICZ DIES: Twin Peaks star Walter Olkewicz has died at age 72. His son Zak Olkewicz says he struggled with health issues for several years, stemming from a series of knee surgeries that left him bedridden. In addition to Twin Peaks, Walter appeared on shows including Grace Under Fire, The Last Resort, Wizards and Warriors, Partners in Crime, Seinfeld, Who's the Boss?, and Night Court.