NICK OFFERMAN SELLING COMEDY SPECIALS TO BENEFIT FOOD FUND: Nick Offerman is putting three of his comedy special up for sale on his website, with all of the proceeds going to America’s Food Fund. The Fund was launched by Leonardo DiCaprio, Emerson Collective, Apple and the Ford Foundation. All are available for $5 to rent or $11 or $11.99 to buy.

ALEC BALDWIN ON HOW HE’S LIVING NOW: With production on a standstill, Alec Baldwin is spending his quarantine with his growing family in their East Hampton home. He tells The Hollywood Reporter: “I think we’re doing quite well, considering. We’ve got four little kids at home, and my wife is pregnant again.” It’s all about keeping them busy he adds: “Yeah, we like kids. I guess you could say we’re collectors. And being out here on the island, where we have plenty of land and open space, my number one task every day is to help divert their attention from how peculiar this all is. My older son turned to me the other day and said, ‘I miss New York.’ We love both places. But my kids go to school there. We take the kids everywhere… the museum, this play space, Chelsea Piers and all this other stuff. So we keep them moving. They are getting a stronger and stronger sense of how strange this is, so my job is to keep them occupied.”

SONIC SEQUEL IN THE WORKS: Jeff Fowler is set to direct a sequel to Sonic the Hedgehog. The studio and Sega Sammy are developing the video game adaptation, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The original featured Ben Schwartz starring as the Sega character, with James Marsden, Jim Carrey and Tika Sumpter also being featured.

MARGE REDMOND DIES AT 95: Marge Redmond who played Sister Jacqueline on TV’s The Flying Nun has died at age 95. She was also known as the spokeswoman in Cool Whip commercials and appeared opposite Rosalind Russell in The Trouble With Angels (1966). She also had roles in Billy Wilder‘s The Fortune Cookie (1966); in Alfred Hitchcock‘s final movie, Family Plot (1976); and was in Woody Allen‘s Manhattan Murder Mystery (1993). The cause of her death was not revealed.