BIG CHRISTMAS FOR STAR WARS: Disney and Lucasfilm‘s Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker snagged the second-best Christmas Day ever with $35 million, behind The Force Awakens $49.3 million take in 2015. Its six-day take is $261.8 million, 6% down over the Last Jedi. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle came in second with $12.5 million, for a running total of $128.9 million.

CREATORS OF GAY JESUS SHOW ATTACKED: The Brazilian comedy troupe Porta dos Fundos, behind Netflix’s gay Jesus Christmas Special, have been sparking outrage for weeks. On Christmas Eve, their Rio De Janeiro headquarters were hit by a Molotov cocktail attack. A fire ensued, and was put out. No one was injured. Police are investigation. “Porta dos Fundos condemns any act of violence. We expect those responsible for the attacks to be found and punished. However, our priority right now is the safety of the entire team that works with us,” the comedy group said after Tuesday night’s attack, “We will speak again once we have more details,” it added, “Meanwhile, Porta dos Fundos would like to reinforce our commitment to good humor and declare that we will move on stronger, more united, inspired, and confident that Brazil will survive this storm of hatred, and love will prevail along with freedom of speech.”

PRODUCER DAVID FOSTER DIES: David Foster, the prolific movie producer of The Getaway, McCabe and Mrs. Miller and John Carpenter's The Thing, has died at age 90. Foster is survived by his wife, Jackie Pattiz, and their sons Gary, Tim and Greg, a former Imax CEO; daughter-in-laws Lisa and Marci; and grandchildren Daryn, Drew, Kayla, Jackson and Lucas.