CHRIS ROCK RECALLS TESTING JOKES WITH STEVE MARTIN: Chris Rock has hosted the Oscars twice, and says he’d do it a third time. He also tells The Hollywood Reporter that when he and Steve Martin turned up at The Comedy Store the night before the Oscars, and the crowd went wild. “Me and Dave Chappelle? We don’t give a f**k, we’re there all the time and people will usually give us a big ovation,” he says. “But when they saw Steve Martin? It was like George Washington coming off a dollar bill. Oscars were fine, but that was the highlight.”

JIMMY KIMMEL IS READY FOR THE EMMYS: Jimmy Kimmel is as prepared as he can be to host a virtual awards show Sunday, September 20th. The 72nd Emmy Awards? No problem. “What could go wrong?” he jokes by phone to The Hollywood Reporter. He says: “If something happens technically, I will be touching upon all the skills I’ve acquired over the course of my life. I know one magic trick. I can kind of juggle. I guess I could draw caricatures of the crew. (Laughs.) We are heavily relying on Wi-Fi for this Emmys — more than any show ever has before.”

UNITED WE FALL CANCELED: ABC will not be greenlighting a second season of United We Fall, a family comedy starring Will Sasso and Christina Vidal-Mitchell. The eight-episode run performed respectably, but was given a summer slot, which is never a good sign.

MOVIE THEATERS BRACE FOR TOUGH PERIOD: Movie theaters are bracing themselves for a rough patch as Tenet has a slow start and Wonder Woman 2 delays its release date until Christmas. “Movie theaters need three things to sustain themselves,” Mike Sodano, owner of New Jersey’s ShowRoom Cinema in Asbury Park and the Beach Cinema in Bradley Beach tell Variety. “They need profits, they need people and they need product. Well, this pandemic has affected all three.” So far, Tenet has brought in $29.5 million in two weeks domestically.