THE DUCHESS TRAILER DROPS: Netflix is giving fans a look at Katherine Ryan’s comedy The Duchess. The show follows the questionable choices of a single mom living in London as she tries to figure out if she should go for a second child with her first Olive’s dad, her sworn enemy. The six-part show, created, written by and starrying Ryan, bows September 11th. 

CHRIS EVANS, JESSICA CHASTAIN, JORDAN PEELE PROJECTS SCORE TAX BUCKS: California is handing out tax incentives to shoot in-state again. Netflix’s Russo Brothers-directed The Gray Man (starring Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling), the Jessica Chastain starrer Losing Clementine and an untitled Jordan Peele project were among the nine films snagging $50M+ in California’s latest round of credits. “We are thrilled to be part of the new Program 3.0 and to be able to base Losing Clementine production in California,” said Losing Clementine producer and Sentient Entertainment president Renée Tab today. “We searched other locations, but thanks to the tax credit we can film here at home where the story is set.”

VERIZON EXPANDS STREAMING GIVEAWAY: Verizon is rounding out its streaming package. For select unlimited data plans, Verizon already gave users access to Disney+; now, Verizon is adding Hulu and ESPN+. The bundle normally retails for $12.99 a month. 

RUSSELL CROWE MOVES TO REBUILD RESTAURANT: After Le Chef was destroyed during the explosion that devastate Beirut on August 4th, Russell Crowe stepped into help. The restaurant was a favorite of Anthony Bourdain’s, and filmmaker Amanda Bailly and journalist Richard Hall launched a GoFundMe to help the restaurant rebuild. Hall tweeted: “Someone called Russell Crowe made a very generous donation to our Le Chef fundraiser. But not sure if it’s *the* @russellcrowe.” The donation was for $5,000 and it wasn’t long before Crowe confirmed that it was him saying, the donation was on behalf of Bourdain. Crowe confirmed that it came from him, in honor of Bourdain.