PAWESOME AWARDS AT CANNES: Tilda Swinton and Sean Baker accepted awards on behalf of their doggie film friends at the Palm Dog Awards at Cannes on Friday. Swinton accepted on behalf of her trio of spaniels who appeared in The Souvenir Part II. Baker arrived at the ceremony with his own dogs, and accepted on behalf of Sophie, who appeared in Red Rocket.

BRIDGERTON’S SHOOT PAUSED: Season 2 of Bridgerton was paused for 24 hours after a crew member tested positive for coronavirus on Thursday, and then halted for an indefinite period after a second cast or crew member tested positive.

STRICTER BROADWAY VACCINATION RULES: Broadway has not come up with an industry-wide rule on requiring COVID vaccinations, but Pass Over and Springsteen on Broadway have both put vaccine requirements in place, beginning next month when previews start.

THE COMEDY STORE TO HOST NAMES NIGHT: In anticipation of its 50th anniversary on April 7, 2022, The Comedy Store is set to host Names Night, on what would have been the late owner Mitzi Shore’s 91st birthday, July 25th. Names Night will celebrate the tradition of becoming a paid regular. Tickets are available now.