WOODY ALLEN’S RIFKIN’S FESTIVAL TO OPEN SAN SEBASTIAN FEST: The 68th edition of Spain’s San Sebastian Festival will open with the world premiere of Woody Allen‘s Rifkin’s Festival, which was shot there last summer and features a fictional version of the festival. Elena Anaya, Louis Garrel, Gina Gershon, Sergi López, Wallace Shawn and Christoph Waltz star.

RUSSELL CROWE TALKS GLADIATOR: The original script of the now-classic Gladiator was a mess, Russell Crowe tells The Tonight Show. He told Jimmy Fallon: “Gladiator was a unique experience because the script that they had was so bad — it was just so bad. The producer did not know I was able to already get a copy, but the thing he said was, 'I don't want to send you the document we have because you won't respond to it. But I want to encourage you to have a meeting with (director) Ridley Scott. And here's the thing I want you to think about: It's 180 A.D. You're a Roman general. And you're being directed by Ridley Scott.'” He agreed to the meeting, and really bonded with Scott. “We just clicked on that first meeting,” the actor said, adding “There was definitely a little bit of a risk involved with it at the time.”

MULAN’S RELEASE DATE MAY BE PUSHED: Niki Caro‘s live-action version of Mulan may not be able to drop on July 24th due to a surge in coronavirus cases across the country, according to The Hollywood Reporter. TBD if Warner Bros‘ other tent pole, Tenet, will be able to drop July 31.

TWISTER REBOOT IN THE WORKS: Top Gun: Maverick director Joseph Kosinski is attached to direct a Twister reboot at Universal. Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt starred in the 1996 original.