YOU TOPS NIELSEN STREAMING TOP 10: Netflix series You has topped Nielsen's streaming top 10 with over 1.7 billion views just minutes after the show's fourth season was released. According to Variety, "During the Feb. 6-12 viewing window, the series managed 1.73 billion minutes viewed in its first four days of availability."

FORMER 21ST CENTURY FOX EXECUTIVE CONVICTED IN FIFA SOCCER BRIBERY CASE: Variety reported on March 9th that Hernan Lopez, former 21st Century Fox executive, was convicted on charges that he participated in a scene to bribe South American soccer officials to secure exclusive broadcasting rights for 21st Century Fox. In April of 2020, Lopez was indicted along with former 21st Century Fox executive, Carlos Martinez, "alleging they were part of a conspiracy to pay millions of dollars annually to FIFA officials in South America between 2000-15 in exchange for broadcasting rights to the Copa Libertadores club tournament as well as confidential bidding information for U.S. broadcast rights to the 2018 and 2022 World Cup tournaments."