YOUTUBE ON STAGE CANCELED: Several hours before it was scheduled to take place in London Wednesday, YouTube on Stage canceled its show amid growing fears of coronavirus contagion in the U.K. Trevor Noah, inventor Colin Furze, dancers from the Royal Ballet and others were scheduled to perform.

BOB IGER TALKS CORONAVIRUS: The Walt Disney Co. executive chairman Bob Iger is attempting to reassure investors, while still admitting that the coronavirus fears are valid and serious. “We're all sobered by the concern we all feel for everyone affected by this global crisis,” Iger said in a webcast. “Disney has been through a lot, including wars and economic downturns and disasters. We are incredibly resilient. Our future has always been bright and it remains so for good reason.” And while Disney is taking measures to ensure safety at theme parks, they are still open and in operation.

CANNES PRESIDENT ‘OPTIMISTIC’ ABOUT FESTIVAL: The Cannes Film Festival president Pierre Lescure says that the festival will be canceled if the coronavirus situation doesn’t improve, but is “reasonably optimistic in the hope that the peak of the epidemic will be reached at the end of March and that we will breathe a little better in April.” France has more than 1,600 confirmed cases of coronavirus.

WOODY HARRELSON TO REPLACE JASON STATHAM IN MAN FROM TORONTO: Patrick Hughes is helming The Man From Toronto, and Woody Harrelson is set to replace Jason Statham. Kevin Hart is also starring in the Columbia Pictures comedy.