Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may still share love, and they certainly share plenty of history and four kids together, but it isn’t enough, sources tell Us and People.

While rumors that the 40-year-old lawyer in training and 43-year-old rapper are divorcing have been rife for weeks, they have yet to comment or file. “While they have a multitude of problems, friends on both sides think there is a chance this separation could give them a fresh start,” a source tells Us.

Their issues became public over the summer during West’s run for president. At a rally in South Carolina, he revealed that the pair had discussed aborting their eldest child, North; he also wrote on Twitter that he had been “trying” to divorce Kim for years. Plus, he claimed that she and her momager Kris Jenner were trying to “lock him up.” Later, they were photographed in car in Wyoming, and Kim appeared inconsolable.

“She wants to make sure Kanye’s in a healthy place before she decides to file and they can coexist and coparent without having bad blood between them,” a source says, explaining that the pair try to hide their differences from their children.

And her family is secretly thrilled, a source tells Us: “Publicly the family is saying they’re very sad this has come to an end, but there’s a definite sense of relief that she’s finally had the courage to rip off the Band-Aid and walk away. The likes of Kris Jenner, Kourtney Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian saw the writing on the wall for literally years, but they knew Kim wanted to give it her all.”

Meanwhile, a source tells People that Kim is just desperate to move on in life and with her career. “Kim knows what she wants to do with her life. She wants to keep living in L.A., create the best life for the kids and focus on her work passions,” a source says.

Another says: “The love story between Kim and Kanye has been over for a long time, more than a year. They adored each other but have too many differences. Kim has become more independent and has lost patience with his antics, rants, the presidential campaign and tweets.”