Chris Evans thinks politics can be confusing, so he decided to do something about it. As he explained to Wired, he is launchinga political site called A Starting Point to help citizens—including himself—understand civic life by sharing both sides’ POV.

He explained: “I just wanted a basic understanding, a basic history, and a basic grasp on what the two parties think.”

So Captain America recruited his his friend, actor and director Mark Kassen (they worked together in 2011's Puncture), and Masimo founder and CEO Joe Kiani and created A Starting Point.

The site will feature one-minute long videos of Democratic and Republican politicians answering questions. To prepare, he visited Washington to “film more than 1,000 videos from more than 100 members of Congress, along with about half of the 2020 Democratic hopefuls.”

A Starting Point is currently in demo mode with a launch date TBD.

Reaction on social media was mixed. Wrote one fan: “I love the idea. I’m glad people are trying to get others more engaged in our politics. It can be extremely frustrating, but it is so important. Giving people access to unbiased answers in an understandable language could make it more appealing.”

A critic opined: “What is broken in Washington is a corrupt GOP party. What Chris will do is both sides crap and ignore the boil blocking his view- GOP conspired against USA 4 $$$ allowed by corrupt Citizens United; they stacked courts so KOCH, Mercer, Addleson can destroy Democracy”.