J. Smith-Cameron shared on a recent episode of Late Night with Seth Myers that her onscreen relationship with Kieran Culkin in Succession sometimes bled into their real lives while filming. Sharing a photo of Culkin with a water-like stain on his t-shirt, she revealed that she threw her martini at him one night.

It happened “one evening after a table read and we all went to dinner. He was just riding me the whole time, like being horrid,” she explained. “Like, if I couldn’t hear something that everyone was laughing about at the other end of the table and I’d be like, ‘What’d he say? What’d he say?’ [and] he’d be like, ‘Oh, I’m sorry, dear. Did you forget your hearing aids?’ Or, like, if I yawned, he’d be like, ‘Is it past your bedtime? That’s so terrible.’”

In response to all of this, the Harriet the Spy actor said, “So, you know, at one point I just threw my martini at him.” She added, “He was asking for it!”