Jacob Elordi told GQ recently that he almost left the acting business after experiencing overnight fame due to his work on The Kissing Booth. When the movie premiered at midnight on Netflix, Elordi said he awoke to four million new Instagram followers.

“I had to go through and delete my high school pictures because that was the Instagram that I used for my life. I wish people could understand how drastic that change was,” he told the publication.

Before this role, the Euphoria star said he wasn’t booking many gigs, and that sometimes he was even sleeping in his car. “I wasn’t booking jobs. I think I had — I don’t know, $400 or $800 left in my bank account, and Euphoria was my last audition before I went home for a little while to make some money and recuperate.”

His instant rise to fame didn’t exactly help matters. Instead, he shared that he actually wanted to quit acting, which “might sound quite sensitive and dramatic, but I am sensitive and I’m very dramatic. I hated being a character to the public. I felt so far from myself,” Elordi said.