There’s a lot of talk going on about a scene in the new movie Saltburn that involves Jacob Elordi‘s bathwater. The Euphoria actor shared his thoughts about it with Stream Wars in a recent interview.

In the movie, Elordi plays wealthy student Felix Catton. His classmate Oliver, played by Barry Keoghan, becomes obsessed with him as Catton welcomes Oliver to his estate called Saltburn. At one point in the film, Oliver drinks Catton’s bath water—which Catton had masturbated into.

“I was just really excited when I read that scene because you don’t really see things like that in mainstream movies a lot of the time,” the Priscilla actor said. “It’s just great that writer and director Emerald Fennell was allowed to push those boundaries and expose people like that I think.”

According to Variety, people are now selling candles labeled “Jacob Elordi’s Bathwater.”