James Corden has been granted a restraining order against a 30-year-old stalker who wants his wife of ten years “out of the picture.”

According to documents obtained by Radar, the woman has shown up to the Late Late Show host’s home and work, telling people they plan to elope. Corden also alleges that she spent nearly a week in her car outside of his home during the summer and didn’t leave until the police got involved. 

Legal documents state that the stalker told cops she and Corden were planning on escaping to Las Vegas to get married. She reportedly told police Corden's wife "stole him" from her and believed they could be together once Julia was "out of the picture."

The woman is required to stay 100 yards away from Corden, his wife, and their kids. She has also been ordered to end all attempts at communicating with the talk show host.