Jamie Lee Curtis opened up to Joe Scarborough on a recent episode of MSNBC’s Morning Joe about her decade-long struggle with addiction. The Everything Everywhere All at Once star said she would “be dead” by now if she had not gotten sober.

“I was an opiate addict, and I liked a good opiate buzz,” the Halloween actress said. “And if fentanyl was available, as easily available as it is today on the street, I’d be dead.”

Curtis celebrated 24 years of sobriety in February of this year. Getting sober “made it all crystal and clear,” she said. “Because I’m so hyper aware of what the alternative is.” Curtis’ brother Nicholas died at the age of 23 due to a heroin overdose.

“There are women in prison whose lives have been shattered by drugs and alcohol, not because they were violent felons, not because they were horrible people, but because they were addicts,” she added. “I am incredibly lucky that that wasn't my path.”