On a recent episode of the Whine Down With Jana Kramer podcast, Jana Kramer got candid about the time she dated People’s Sexiest Man Alive—and how she left the situation feeling “mortified.”

The One Tree Hill actress said she and Chris Evans went on “a few dates,” and that she “just remembers the last date,” which apparently didn’t go well. “To this day I'm actually still kind of mortified. This is an embarrassing thing. This is so embarrassing,” she said.

Kramer went over to Evans’ “bachelor pad” while some of his friends from Boston were visiting, for what was intended to be a “sleepover.” She shared that she went to the bathroom before heading to bed.

“I had asparagus for dinner that night. I went to the bathroom, and he immediately went after me,” she said. “And so that's the last interaction I remember is him going to the bathroom after I just went to the bathroom with asparagus pee and never hearing from him again. We didn't hook up that night. He stayed up late with his friends and in the morning I did the asparagus walk of shame out of his house. I never heard from him again.”

The Dancing with the Stars alum also admitted that she sent Evans a DM “about a year ago,” after he shared that he was looking for “the one.” She also called Evans a “great” kisser.