Ignorance really can be bliss in some cases! Jared Leto reveals that he has no idea that a fatal pandemic was sweeping the world, because he was on a 12-day mindfulness retreat in the desert.

Leto revealed on Instagram that after returning from his “silent meditation in the desert” he was shocked to see what had transpired.

The 48-year-old wrote: “Wow. We were totally isolated. No phone, no communication etc. We had no idea what was happening outside the facility.”

He added that he “walked out yesterday into a very different world. One that’s been changed forever. Mind blowing – to say the least.”

Since returning to real life, he says he’s been “getting messages from friends and family around the globe and catching up on what’s going on.”

Followers warned him to stock up on toilet paper. Another added, “You were better off staying in the desert. This is madness,” while one person agreed, “I would of walked back in there.”