Cats debuted to horrifically low box office numbers and terrible reviews, despite stars’ best efforts to promote.

One star, Jason Derulo, has garnered more acclaim for an image of himself exiting a pool in his underwear … and it was deemed to revealing, it was banned from Instagram.

The image, which was dubbed by the masses “Anaconda,” went viral. He told Page Six that the struggle of the unexpected Anaconda press blitz, and his attempt to promote a family friendly film is real: “It’s just really been funny — the juxtaposition of doing a family movie, but everybody wants to know about this anaconda photo. The DMs direct messages on social media is always pretty full on, but the nature of them has just been boosted — the sexual activity has been boosted — the amount of photos, so that’s fun.”


Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood is the latest to weigh in on Cats after its epic shelling at the box office and in the media.

“I have to have an actual live reaction of this,” Wood, 32, said in an Instagram story before shouting, “What the f–k! What the f–k! What the f–k!”

In its opening weekend, Cats earned $6.5 million.