Many fans were distressed when they saw reports that Teen Mom 2’s Jenelle Evans got back together with David Eason, who admitted to killing her dog Nugget in front of their children. As you may recall, outrage over the incident caused Evans’ ouster from the MTV show and an investigation from Child Protective Services.

So Evans sat down with Us Weekly clear up the rumors. She said: “David and I are not together as of now. We are coparenting and deciding what to do about our futures because we own a house together. We cannot sell the house until we get repairs from the housing company who built it.”

She continued, “I still have my apartment in Tennessee and have been primarily residing there. We may be looking into coparenting counseling in the future. A lot of people are making assumptions about stuff they don’t know. Like I always say, unless you hear it from my mouth, don’t believe it.”