There’s an app for everything, even co-parenting, it seems. According to documents obtained by Us Weekly, Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan have finalized their divorce and custody arrangements.

The news comes two years after they announced their split and as Dewan expects a child with boyfriend Steve Kazee. The 39-year-olds signed their divorce papers on January 14th, and the judge finalized their split on February 11th. The pair share Everly, 6, and have agreed to use the app OurFamily Wizard, to help them communicate about parenting arrangements.

Their arrangement calls for split time during the week and alternating weekends for each parent; they have a parenting coordinator to help iron out changes in scheduling. They also plan to split Halloween, Easter and Thanksgiving by odd and even years, equally divide winter break and celebrate Everly’s birthday with her together.

“Unless the parties agree to spend time on the minor child’s birthday together for a joint celebration, each party shall be entitled to spend time with the minor child on her birthday every year,” the docs state. “The parties shall use their best efforts to include the other parent in any planned birthday party for the minor child.”