Jennifer Aniston sat down with USA Today to discuss (Spoiler Alert!) the moment her character on The Morning Show, Alex, contracted COVID-19. She said bringing the pandemic on to the show felt normal.

The 52-year-old said: "I would feel even stranger to be doing a Western or something that had nothing to do (with it, where) you really had to just live in an alternate universe where COVID doesn't exist.”

Alex may have contracted COVID from co-host Mitch (Steve Carell) who was dodging accusations of sexual assault.

Aniston said her character's diagnosis is "very poetic, in a way. It's the final straw just to take her fully down to her knees and strip her completely naked."

She also opened up about a statement in which she said she’d cut off people who weren’t vaccinated IRL, generating headlines (not in a good way). She clarified: "I wasn't cutting people off (like) 'How dare you not be vaccinated!'. It felt like my responsibility as a human being because there are people that work here in my office who are compromised, health-wise. The reality is, if someone who is unvaccinated comes into my home and they are asymptomatic, and they don't know that they have it, it's a very dangerous situation. So for me, it's being mindful of people who have health issues."