JEREMY RENNER RETURNS TO HOSPITAL IN RENO ONE YEAR AFTER SNOWPLOW ACCIDENT: Jeremy Renner made a surprise appearance at Renown Hospital in Reno, Nevada, recently to express his gratitude for the “kids/superheroes, first responders, and doctors, nurses and staff” who cared for him following his tragic snowplow accident last year. Sharing a photo of himself in a RennerVation Foundation firetruck, the Avengers star wrote, “Rollin through Reno, NV with joy, blessings, and [pizza]!!!! … Paying my respects and celebrating love, life and the blessings it brings to us all. Thank you and this community for keeping me here.. I’m forever in your debt with gratitude.” 

JAMEELA JAMIL SAYS 2023 ‘WAS THE YEAR THAT INTERNATIONAL AND HUMANITARIAN LAW GOT THROWN OUT THE WINDOW:’ Jameela Jamil is reflecting on 2023 in a global sense. The Good Place actor took to Instagram on Sunday (December 31st) to share her “final message” about Israel’s bombardment of Gaza. “This year was the year that international and humanitarian law got thrown out of the window, in a way that the leaders who have allowed it to continue, have not yet understood the ramifications of.” The She-Hulk actor added, “Beyond the tens of thousands of murdered innocents… there is now also a clear message that no country has to take international or humanitarian law seriously again. There are clearly no rules anymore. This has endangered the entire world beyond all of our wildest imagination.” 

JANE FONDA COMFORTS KATHY GRIFFIN AFTER SHE FILES FOR DIVORCE FROM RANDY BICK: Kathy Griffin is leaning on Jane Fonda for support after filing for divorce from her husband of nearly four years, Randy Bick, on Thursday (December 28th). “My girlfriends are going to get me through this. Last night I had to use the bat phone,” she wrote, alongside a photo of herself with the Grace and Frankie actor in a kitchen. “Me…’Fonda, it’s Griffin. My heart is broken. I can’t eat I can’t sleep.’ Jane…’Come on over kid. I’ll make you something. You’ll eat and I’ll listen.’” 

‘SURVIVOR’ WINNER PARVATI SHALLOW REVEALS SHE’S DATING MAE MARTIN: Parvati Shallow revealed on Instagram Sunday (December 31st) that she and Mae Martin are dating. Sharing black-and-white photobooth photos of herself kissing The Flight Attendant actor, Shallow wrote in the caption, “We’re here. We’re queer. Happy new year.” In addition to winning Survivor Micronesia – Fans vs. Favorites, Parvati is set to star on the second season of The Traitors, according to Yahoo Entertainment.