The Jersey Shore star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro‘s relationship with girlfriend Jen Harley has been tumultuous from the get-go. The pair, who share an 18-month-old daughter, have broken up and made up multiple times, but their latest rift reportedly turned violent. The 33-year-old Ortiz-Magro was arrested near L.A. at an Airbnb that he and Harley were renting, according to reports.

Ortiz-Magro was high on cocaine, and his temper flared, according to reports. He allegedly hit her and chased her with a knife; police booked him for kidnapping, but he posted the $100,000 bail and was released.

Harley was spotted picking him up from jail with their baby.

Shortly before his arrest, Ortiz-Magro was discussing his sobriety with Us Weekly. He told the mag that CBD helped keep him off booze and drugs. He said he first tried CBD after surgery: “I’d be in pain and I’m, like, I feel good! I don’t feel a nasty feeling after, I don’t feel like I need more. I feel like it lasts.”

He continued: “You know, and it’s not like when you take pills, I feel like you’re, like, I gotta take four now and then I gotta take another four. And no. It’s, like, one drop, boom. With the pills, it’s like, 200 milligrams, that’s all you get. With CBD, you could control your own, what you want to do.”

Ortiz-Magro also told People that the public's perception of his relationship with Harley is overly negative, and that their connection is real and deep. “They ask why do we stay with each other? And it’s because we know what we have is real,” he said. “And at the end of the day, people don’t see what we have, they see what MTV wants you guys to see.”