While countless reports have emerged claiming Meghan Markle is trying to distance herself from stylist Jessica Mulroney after she got called out for using her white privilege during a disagreement on Black Lives Matter with another influencer, Mulroney seems desperate to hold onto her link to the Duchess.

Mulroney posted a shot from Meghan and Prince Harry‘s May of 2018 wedding, where her daughter Ivy served as a bridesmaid and her twin sons John and Brian were page boys. One of the boys appears in the background of the pic, and she writes: “I see this and pure joy.”

Meghan and Jessica were good friends for years before Meghan joined the royal family. But when Sasha Exeter recounted “problematic behavior” on Jessica’s part, including her threatening her in private, Meghan reportedly iced Jessica out.

While Jessica publicly apologized, she lost several jobs, including one as a contributor on Good Morning America, and another as her own show, I Do Redo, on CTV.