Jodie Sweetin doesn’t want her run-in with the police to detract attention away from the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. The Full House actress co-hosted E!’s Daily Pop on Monday (June 27th) and commented on the incident.

“People are shocked when they see Stephanie Tanner, something happened to her, and all of a sudden, it makes it more real. And I hate that it takes people knowing someone, being someone that they recognize, for people to be outraged or take action,” she said.

Sweetin added that she wants to keep the spotlight on the bigger issues at hand. “Above all, I want to continue to not make this about me and continue to bring the focus back to women’s rights and also to police brutality. If people are disturbed by what they saw, let me tell you: I’ve spent a lot of time protesting out in the streets, and that is a very minor incident of police brutality,” she said.