Tiger King’s star Joe Exotic has sent a chilling letter from prison that appears to be a suicidal cry for help, TMZ reports. The letter is addressed to “supporters, fans, loved ones” and opens by asking President Donald Trump to grant him his freedom.

The tone gets dark from there, and he says, “my soul is dead” as he describes his struggle to keep up his hope behind bars. He says he is tormented by reports that his husband Dillon Passage is moving on without him, and adds that he hasn’t heard from Passage. 

Exotic says that he needs medication for his health conditions and predicts “I’ll be dead in 2-3 months” without help. He tosses out a plea for help from Cardi B and Kim Kardashian, and suggests he’d get better treatment if he wasn’t white. 

His team has been campaigning for a pardon from Trump, but it looks like that ship has sailed.