In his new Netflix special John Mulaney: Baby J, John Mulaney detailed the intervention that “totally saved [his] life.” The Saturday Night Live star said 12 of his friends gathered in-person and over Zoom to encourage him to get help for a drug addiction.

"Let me just call this out now, I don't mean to be weird. It was a star-studded intervention. It was, like, a good group," Mulaney said. This group included comedians like Fred Armisen, Nick Kroll, Seth Meyers, Bill Hader, and Natasha Lyonne.

"It was like a 'We Are the World' of alternative comedians over the age of 40. All comedians. Yet no one said a funny thing the entire night," the Puss in Boots: The Last Wish actor joked.

Even though he was “so mad that night,” Mulaney added, "Getting to do this show, and standing here, listen, I am grateful to everyone at my intervention. They intervened. They confronted me and they totally saved my life." Following the intervention, Mulaney spent two months in rehab and left the facility in February of 2021.