Jonah Hill is set to appear in Adam McKay‘s Don’t Look Up, alongside Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence and Meryl Streep, and is currently doing to media rounds. He sat down for a cover story with GQ Style, and opened up about his therapist Phil Stutz, and his toxic relationship with social media.

He is so into Stutz, he’s making a documentary about it for Netflix: “Stutz invented a set of visualization techniques that greatly changed my life. Netflix let me make a doc on therapy and Phil’s teachings, and then it became about Phil’s life, and then it became about how insane it is that I am making a movie about my therapist, and now it’s become…I don’t want to give too much away, but it’s become very collapsed on itself. The person that I vent to while I’m making a film, I now can’t vent to, because the film is about him, and I can’t let him know it maybe isn’t going to work.”

He said that Stutz helped him become a better artist: “You know what the first thing Phil Stutz said to me was? First thing. He said, ‘You’re not a good artist because you’re f**ked up. You’re a good artist in spite of being f**ked up.’ It’s all a dumb mythology that you’re supposed to be miserable to be talented, and it’s so absurdist. It’s genuinely: I got healthier, my art got better, and I was happier. Straight up. I haven’t seen misery bring better art out of anybody. I just haven’t.”

Re: the Gram, he said: “Instagram—as I smoke a cigarette—is the cigarettes of this time. It is the biggest killer. It is death. And I fully participate in it, like I smoke cigarettes. Again, it’s a spectrum of what you find healthy. I have to have really limited interaction with it.”