Jonathan Van Ness is sharing more details about his experience on Dax Shepard’s Armchair Expert podcast in September. The Queer Eye star, who identifies as nonbinary, broke down into tears while discussing trans rights with Shepard.

"I think Dax and I are good — I haven't spoken with him since,” Van Ness said on Tuesday’s (November 14th) episode of the Not Skinny but Not Fat podcast. He also revealed that their discussion was “worse” than the “very edited” version that Shepard released.

"Every single thing I said, he had pushback,” the hairstylist continued. “Every single thing … I mean, he was a lot more animated in real life. I mean, I almost got up and left twice. It was intense."

Van Ness explained that what really made him “emotional” was how “committed” Shepard seemed to be to certain “narratives” about trans people. “You get exposed to these headlines and these narratives around transphobia or about fairness in women's sports, or kids transitioning, and then people think they're so right. But they can really be so wrong,” he said. “And I'm like, 'Wow, this is someone who considers themself an ally and this is how they're talking.'"

The Gay of Thrones star added, "Our community has so much to overcome. I think Dax is really sweet, I don't think he means harm. And I think it was brave to release the episode, and I'm glad that he allowed for so many more people to be exposed to that conversation."